Iowa City Ghost Hunters has been dedicated to the education and documentation of Paranormal since 2012. We are the only team in Iowa that offers Paranormal University.

We provide more then just “ghost hunts” Check out other things we offer.

Paranormal Investigations

Dealing with paranormal activity, then feel free to contact us. We will go anywhere and help anyone 100% FREE.

Photo of the front of Villisca Ax Murder House

Paranormal University

Want to become a ghost hunter? Don’t believe the television show are real? Then join one of our classes. Where you can learn from an team of experienced paranormal investigators. Soon we will be offering our classes online.

Class cost $15.00 per-person.

Photo from a class we did.


Dealing with paranormal? we maybe able to help remove the spirit. Please note that we can’t guarantee that we will be able to stop the paranormal activity.


Town-hall meetings

Want to book our team of paranormal investigators to speak at you even? Want to have us help you with your Halloween even then feel free to book a Town-hall meeting. We offer Town-hall meetings around the state of Iowa. This is a change where you can come out meet our team, see our equipment and ask us questions. This is a FREE service we offer.

History Research

Any time we do an investigation or find out about paranormal activity we do research on the history on the location and the area. We are looking for known deaths, what was there before and so much more.

What a professional team. They came out helped me and my family that was dealing with a demon. They did not charge us.

Kyle B. 2018

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